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Turbine blades being fitted.JPG
windturbine blades being fittedImage supplied by Christopher Smith55555
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Skegness windfarm sunrise.JPG
Skegness windfarm sunriseImage supplied by Christopher Smith44444
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Windturbine skegness.JPG
Skegness Wind Turbine44444
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Skegness windfarm from the air.jpg
Skegness windfarm taken from the airImage supplied by Christopher Smith44444
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Skegness windfarm.JPG
Skegness WindfarmSkegness windfarm with a few turbines fitted44444
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Skegness wind turbines44444
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lynn and inner dowsing windfarm.JPG
Lynn and inner dowsing windfarm jack up vesselImage supplied by Christopher Smith44444
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Banging in the Supports for the wind turbines skegness44444
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cable laying boats for skegness windfarm44444
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